As opposed to merely using Roxen's features when putting your information together, someone has to be responsible for the actual running of the Roxen server. This person, the administrator, needs to be better acquainted with all aspects of Roxen than the ordinary user. This part of the manual aims to explain some of the details of Roxen. Note, though, that there is a lot of information in this part of the manual that is very useful for any user of Roxen. In short, Roxen is built upon the concept of modularity. The core of Roxen cannot, by itself, do anything. The only thing the Roxen core can do is talk to modules. This means that before you can start using your server you must tell it how to treat files and how to do all the things a normal web server does. This is done by adding modules that take care of different aspects of Roxen's functionality. This means that you can make your web server as complex or as simple as you wish, depending on needs and wants of the people using it to provide information on the Internet. The Administrator's guide is divided into five chapters. The first chapter is about installing Roxen. Chapter two gives a brief description of the configuration interface, while chapter three. Basic Configuring shows the basic operations needed to get started with Roxen. Chapter four is an overview of the configuration interface, describing the different variables and settings. The concluding chapter Modules is about the existing modules and how they may be used. Previous Chapter Next Chapter Table of Contents Index webmuseum





























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